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In (Not) Keeping Up With Our Parents, Mooney illustrates how members of this class are increasingly opting out of creative and service-oriented careers, choosing to delay or forgo having children, carrying significant debt well into middle age, and struggling so hard to keep their own finances secure that they have little resources to offer those less fortunate. The issues they face—negotiating massive student loan and credit card debt, struggling to pay for health and child care, and choosing between funding their children’s education and their own retirement—reveal an entire segment of society teetering on the edge.

I Can’t Believe She Did That offers a new and compelling perspective on conflict and competition among women in the workplace. Based on real stories from real women, the book provides a provocative social and cultural exploration of the often troubled and painful dynamics that unfold among women on the job.
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Financial Times
Horridness among women at work

By Lucy Kellaway

And from the London Daily Mail:
Why women fight with each other at work

Forget sisterly solidarity. Once she arrives in the office, it is every woman for herself.
The New York Post
She Devils
By Keren Toledano
Professional men have been merrily swiping at each other for years. But when it comes to women, it seems most of the stabbing is done in the back. 
The Detroit Free Press:
Women Face Off at Work
By Margarita Bauza

"...But as I leafed through Mooney's book, I found myself recognizing situations she described..." 

Part memoir, part journey into the fascinating world of Thoroughbred horse racing, My Racing Heart weaves together Nan Mooney’s passion for racehorses, fostered by a bold and adventurous grandmother, and her lifelong romance with the track.
Kirkus Reviews called My Racing Heart “a dazzlingly successful blind date.”
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